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Eximed Laboratory was established in 2002 and launched as a private small business by researchers of Institute of Bioorganic and Petroleum Chemistry of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. The aims of our company are production and supply of original high-throughput screening (HTS) compounds and related services. Due to the experience of our staff and facilities of our laboratory, today our products and services include the following: 1. Stock collection of 60000 drug-like and lead-like screening compounds for HTS 2. About 3000 Building Blocks in Stock Collection. 3. Synthesis of high-quality small organic compounds for HTS, chemical building blocks and intermediates from one milligram to several hundreds of kilograms. 4. Design and synthesis of derivatives of natural compounds and natural product-like compounds 5. Design and synthesis of derivatives of natural and unnatural amino acids and peptidomimetics 6. Custom Synthesis and Contract Research including design and synthesis of custom compounds libraries

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