Looking for small molecule products for your research? You’ve come to the right place.

For scientists looking for small molecule products

SmallMolecules.com is the only scientific website dedicated exclusively to listing small molecule products from companies around the world. Produced for scientists by scientists, our mission is to provide the broadest listing of small molecule products, allowing life science researchers to find the products they need to drive discovery.

The site is free to use.  For access to pricing, please register.

For companies that supply small molecule products

For companies that sell small molecule products, listing your products on SmallMolecules.com puts your products in front of scientists around the world who are actively searching for small molecules for use in their research.

Listing your products on SmallMolecules.com is easy:

  1. Register your company as a Supplier. Fill in as much information as possible on our Supplier Registration form. For a username, we recommend using your company name or short form, so that it can be identified easily.
  2. Complete your Company Profile. After the initial registration process, you will receive an email from us to activate your account. Sign back in and complete any additional information (including logo) that was not completed at registration.
  3. Prepare your Product Listing. After completing your Company Profile, you will receive a “Welcome to SmallMolecules.com” email, which will provide specific details on how to create your product listing. Prepare your product listing and email it back to us. Once the spreadsheet has been received by the SmallMolecules.com team, we will review your listing and upload your product listing to the website. Your Company Profile and Product Listing will then be live on SmallMolecules.com!

Please contact us with any questions.