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Meinox is a deep-tech startup established in 2019 with the main focus on novel and high-level pharmaceutically active ingredients . Academic oriented and highly qualified Meinox team is led by scientific founder, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih Kocabas . The company aims to research, develop, produce and market first-in-class, selective drug-like small molecule inhibitors of MEINOX family of proteins , particularly oncogenic MEIS, PBX and TGIF2 proteins and their co-factor HOXA9. Meinox also collaborates with strategic partners and shares expertise on small molecules to develop new generation therapeutics. MEISi (short for MEIS inhibitor) is a druggable target-based small molecule, developed and validated by Meinox . MEISi inhibits the activity of MEIS protein which plays a critical role in cell metabolism and is proven to be highly associated with diseases such as cancer, CVDs, diabetes and obesity . The benefit it presents to the targeted drug discovery market is to provide tools to modulate molecular mechanisms of diseases. MEIS inhibitors were developed by in silico drug screening; and validated by in vitro luciferase assays; PCR pathway analyses; cancer cell viability assays, apoptosis assays, ex vivo HSC expansion studies and in vivo HSC expansion studies, and in vivo gene expression analysis.

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