Coagulation Factor IX

Human Factor IX protein, produced by recombinant DNA technology for use in therapy of factor IX deficiency, known as hemophilia B or Christmas disease. Coagulation Factor IX (Recombinant) is a glycoprotein with an approximate molecular mass of 55,000 Da consisting of 415 amino acids in a single chain. It has a primary amino acid sequence that is identical to the Ala 148 allelic form of plasma-derived factor IX.

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Trivial name F9
Catalog Number TP-012CL
Alternative Name(s) Coagulation Factor IX
Research Area Haemostasis and thrombosis
Molecular Formula C2041H3136N558O641S25
CAS# 9001-28-9
Purity >90%
Size 1 mg
Supplier Page
Additional Information For treatment of hemophilia (Christmas disease).