Ansamitocin P-3

ADCs cytotoxin, Ansamitocin P-3, a potent anti-tumor maytansinoid found in Actinosynnema pretiosum, is a maytansine analog which displays potent cytotoxicity against the human solid tumor cell lines A-549 and HT-29.

Price Not Available 1 mg Ansamitocin P-3 Supplier Page
Trivial name Ansamitocin P-3
Catalog Number ADC-P-003
Alternative Name(s) Ansamitocin P-3
Research Area ADC research
CAS# 66584-72-3
Purity >85%
Size 1 mg
Supplier Page
Additional Information Not fully tested. For research use only. Not for human use. We do not sell to patients.