Coagulation factor VIIa Recombinant Human

Recombinant human coagulation Factor VIIa (rFVIIa), intended for promoting hemostasis by activating the extrinsic pathway of the coagulation cascade. NovoSeven is a vitamin K-dependent glycoprotein consisting of 406 amino acid residues. Cloned and expressed in hamster kidney cells, the protein is catalytically active in a two-chain form.

Trivial name F7
Catalog Number TP-051CL
Alternative Name(s) Coagulation factor VIIa Recombinant Human
Research Area Haemostasis and thrombosis
Molecular Formula C1972H3076N560O597S28
CAS# 102786-61-8
Purity >90%
Size 1 mg
Supplier Page
Additional Information For treatment of hemorrhagic complications in hemophilia A and B