(2-Chloroethyl) Phosphonic Acid

Fine Chemical

Trivial name NULL
Catalog Number CS-T-11587
Alternative Name(s) 2-Chloroethanephosphonic Acid;(2-chloroethyl)phosphonic acid
Research Area 2-Chloroethyl)phosphonic acid (Ethephon) is the most widely used plant growth regulator. Ethephon is often used on wheat, coffee, tobacco, cotton, and rice in order to help the plant's fruit reach maturity more quickly. The toxicity of Ethephon is actually very low, and any Ethephon used on the plant is converted very quickly to ethylene.
Molecular Formula C2H6ClO3P
CAS# 16672-87-0
Purity >98%
Inchi NULL
Inchi Key NULL
Beilstein Registry Number NULL
Condensed Formula NULL
EC Number NULL
PubChem Chemical Structure ID NULL
Size 500 g
Supplier Page https://www.clearsynth.com/en/CST11587.html
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