100g Nickel (II) formate dihydrate

Nickel formate dihydrate (Ni(HCOO)2·2H2O) is pale green crystalline solid. Short chain nickel carboxylic acid salts such as nickel formate dihydrate are routinely used in battery cathode manufacturing, electroplating, and hydrogenation of fats and for pigmentation.

Catalog Number 100FO104
Alternative Name(s) Formic acid nickel (II) salt dihydrate, nickel (II) methanoate dihydrate, nickel diformate dihydrate
Research Area Catalysis, ceramics, batteries
Molecular Formula C2H6NiO6
CAS# 15694-70-9
Purity ≥98%
Inchi InChI=1S/2CH2O2.Ni.2H2O/c2*2-1-3;;;/h2*1H,(H,2,3);;2*1H2/q;;+2;;/p-2
SMILES C(=O)[O-].C(=O)[O-].O.O.[Ni+2]
Condensed Formula C2H6NiO6
PubChem Chemical Structure ID 12598460
Size 100g
Supplier Page https://www.biofuranchem.com/product/nickel-ii-formate-dihydrate/
Additional Information Nickel (II) formate dihydrate is commonly used as a catalyst, nickel nanoparticles precursor, reagent, nickel oxide precursor, ceramics precursor.  Available in 100g and 500g.