CAS Number: 1375325-64-6 Formula: C38H45ClNO2PPd Formula Weight: 720.62 g/mol Appearance (Color) White to Light Yellow to Light Brown mp 218 °C (dec.) Caution : air sensitive shelf life :12 month Supplier: LPBchem-Benjamin

Trivial name SPhos PdG2
Catalog Number LPBchem22
Alternative Name(s) SPhos PdG2
Research Area cross coupling, totalSynthesis, BioSynthesis, Drug Discovery, building blocks, Ligands, Metal Catalyst, chemical Synthesis, pharmaceutical compounding, OLED intermediates
Molecular Formula C38H45ClNO2PPd
CAS# 1375325-64-6
Purity ≥98%
Size gram
Supplier Page
Additional Information precatalyst for Suzuki-Miyaura coupling