(-)-Blebbistatin is a selective cell-permeable inhibitor of non-muscle myosin II ATPases and the active enantiomer of (+)-blebbistatin. It rapidly and reversibly inhibits Mg-ATPase activity and in vitro motility of non-muscle myosin IIA and IIB for several species (IC50 = 0.5-5 µM), while poorly inhibiting smooth muscle myosin (IC50 = 80 µM​).

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Trivial name (S)-(-)-Blebbistatin
Catalog Number CSN17147
Research Area Others
Molecular Formula C18H16N2O2
CAS# 856925-71-8
Purity 98%
SMILES O=C1[C@@]2(O)C(N(C3=CC=CC=C3)CC2)=NC4=C1C=C(C)C=C4
Size 10mg
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