(R)-(-)-JQ1 enantiomer, the stereoisomer(+)-JQ1, showed no significant interaction with any bromodomain. (+)-JQ1 is an inhibitor for the BET which targets the BET bromodomain. The (R)-(-)-JQ1 enantiomer stereoisomer has no appreciable affinity to BET bromodomains, whereas S-enantiomer pure (+)-JQ1 binds to BRD4 bromodomains 1 and 2 with Kd values of ~ 50 and 90 nM, respectively.

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Trivial name (R)-(-)-JQ1 Enantiomer
Catalog Number CSN13913
Research Area Cancer
Molecular Formula C23H25ClN4O2S
CAS# 1268524-71-5
Purity 98%
SMILES O=C(OC(C)(C)C)C[C@@H]1C2=NN=C(C)N2C3=C(C(C)=C(C)S3)C(C4=CC=C(Cl)C=C4)=N1
Size 25mg
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